Communion with Your Creative Higher Power

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Your Creative Higher Power: Teachings of the Founder of Intra Spirit

I do not claim to know a higher power that is “supernatural” as something I know or could know. I would have to know everything natural before I could ever identify, describe, or point to, anything outside of it. However, I do believe in a Creative Higher Power of sorts. That “power” is the creative power within myself, (about which I cannot know the potential and which I merge with a sense of the wonder and unknown possibilities of the cosmos). I use that term knowing that others may attach a super natural nature to it. Do I personify it? I do sometimes in order to get a sense of myself as outside of what I understand and expect.

I see the Creative Higher Power, or Creative Nature, as a part of me that can create with my imagination things that can impact me, and as the source of the love and perspectives of love in the world of my imagination. I also call it the “Unnameable” because, like the inner workings of my brain, it functions beyond and beneath my conscious perspectives. I also call it the Artist, or the Artist Within. I call communion with myself and with this Artist “Inner Communion”. This Inner Communion occurs within myself but also within my imagination.

The processes and perspectives I use in Inner Communion I call “Optimistic Integration”. I believe that Optimistic Integration can create greater Optimistic Intelligence, which I define as the inner strength or buoyancy that naturally attaches to the effective skill of communicating with creative, objective, empathetic, and honest emotional perspectives. This intelligence is what leads to human progress and so I see it also as progressive intelligence.

The Optimistic Integration process unlearns helplessness in our ability to communicate honest feeling and to use creativity, objectivity, and empathy in response to our own and other’s needs. That honesty with feeling is helped and grown by applying creativity, objectivity, and empathy in our communications.

The Higher Creative Power is the creativity within us that helps us to love with objectivity and empathy.

The sources of our virtues of Art, Truth, and Goodness, are respectively: Creativity, Objectivity, and Empathy. Optimistic Integration is also therefor a path to greater virtue. Thus to many it will be seen as a spiritual or ethics building process.

Those who practice self reflection and seek human progress are welcome to join a fellowship I call Intra Spirit. Those wishing to join this fellowship must see the value of self reflection and trust in progress through improved communication.

I have taught this Inner Communion practice for many years and I evolved and improved the practice over more than 30 years. I plan to create this fellowship by passing on all I know, through creating a team educated, experienced, and trained in this process. Being connected to others who may have valuable insights into the process (even though they may disagree with it) is also valuable and I encourage it. These fully educated and trained people will lead the fellowship in reaching out to the broader populace, where ever they are, in helpful progressive ways, and train more people to teach and lead.

The Artist in you sits in a place beyond all conception of time, yet reaching out to you in the universe of your imagination it enters your concept of time. It projects itself into your view of the future as the Director or objective part of yourself, helping with anxieties about the future. It projects itself into your past as all the empathy and love that you have ever known (I call this the Caregiver), and helps with the anxieties stemming from your past. As your anxieties lessen these two arms of the Artist, the Director and the Caretaker, close around you with love. As you feel loved you feel free, free of time and joined with the Artist. In Sanskrit this is called “Sat Twam Asi”, meaning “That am I” (The Artist or Divine Spirit is myself), or “Aham Brahmasmi”, meaning I am Divinity.

Prajnanam Brahma means that Wisdom is the Spirit or as I would say Wisdom is the Artist. I call the soul “the feeling soul” or the “Kid”. When the Kid realizes it is the Artist, an insight not dependent upon any concept of time is achieved, and heaven on earth is glimpsed.

Having glimpsed heaven, the place of joy and love and peace, you are free to be at play in your world and then is when you understand what the great Mythologist Joseph Campbell advised “Follow your bliss.” Doing those things which help your vision of heaven, you can stand on the mountain top and look into the promised land as Martin Luther King Jr. did, and help the world to get there.

When I talk about mystics or yogis I am talking about those who follow a path that leads to that vision. The progressive mind is a mind that reaches both within and without, strives to experience and express virtue, and practices self reflection like Optimistic Integration. A fully progressive mind is the mind of the mystic. The true mystic doesn’t just practice self reflection, he or she practices the skills that lead to virtue, and the greatest yogis are found among those who display wisdom and caring, and are often found in our medical community, for being progressive is essentially about gaining and keeping better health, for the individual and the world. Health that is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (ego transcendence).

Transcending a limited sense of self can be hard work, devoting oneself and having faith in the Artist of Love is difficult, unlearning helplessness which guides us into lives more symbolic than real takes courage, but the path is worth treading. There are no perfect teachers or gurus, and the real teacher is ultimately found as we work together in love, but picking an imperfect teacher or teachers can begin a journey that transcends anxieties and touches the garment of the eternal heaven that exists all around us and within us.

Have I had what seemed like “paranormal” experiences? Yes, but as the Buddha wisely pointed out, they are not the point. The real effort is to embrace love and understanding, or compassion and wisdom as the Buddha would say, and realize one’s own true nature, becoming like a bird flying out of darkness into the light.

There is a sense of friendship that you will develop with the Artist, but that is unique to yourself in some ways, and not necessary to explain. Personification is ultimately a useful mythology, a way of communicating in an impacting way, we see the world as human social beings but how we must understand the world is not itself reality. This you will come to appreciate as you progress in your “relationship” with the Artist.

I have had many teachers, my principle teacher was the late professor of physics Dr. Jason Ellis, I also learned under the tutelage of the Honorable Venerable Dr. Thich Thien An, a Pureland Zen Buddhist, other teachers spoke to me almost exclusively on line or in print. I was a minister in a Free Thought Church called the Inner-Communion Church, and am currently a minister now in the Universal Life Church.

You may contact Optimistic Integration teachers at this email address:

Don’t strive to be greater than yourself, strive to be yourself so that greatness can find you.

David “Mitch” Sotelo