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There is an Artist within you that creates your inner world, and embraces you with compassion and wisdom.  It is your Higher Power that can heal your damaged faith in love.  It is your higher self or soul, your power to create and reflect.  The honest cry of your humble heart draws it to you, and in its embrace you find your genuine heart: the soul of who you are.

The true teacher does not bring you to himself, he helps you open to who you are.  The teacher points the way to the greatness and the beauty that is you, and helps you feel and conquer the helplessness, the damaged faith, that can stand in your way.

Whenever you see people working together, you see a glimmer of the Artist alive and at play.  You can’t know your soul without knowing your Artist, you can’t know your Artist without knowing your soul.

The purpose of “intra spirit” teaching is simple, it is to learn to love and be loved, and to conquer what makes you feel helpless to be yourself.

David “Mitch” Sotelo