Intra Spirit EQ Meditation School: Home of Elders Sharing Wisdom

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Fly to the light within and find yourself shining with joy.

Wisdom is what is lacking in our world today.  It lies in the stories and the insights of elders around the world.

You may seek the way down many paths, but the path within is the true one.  Follow the light that is you, for then your journeys will be rich, and where ever you find yourself, you will be truly there, shining even in the darkness.  This is the path of wisdom.

This is a community of elders from all faiths or no faith at all seeking common ground, seeking to teach the young their wisdom and tell them their stories from which that wisdom came. Its mission is ROAR the ending of hatred and greed in our troubled world.  Its practice: optimistic integration.

For too long elders have been adrift, simply retiring to last pleasures, apart from real communication and fellowship, even separated from their own grandchildren. For too long the wisdom of loving common ground between religions and those of various belief systems has been neglected or thought impossible. 

Elders, if you will accept it, you have a mission possible: Uniting a troubled and oppressed world filled with greed and hatred. This is not “mission impossible” but some may end up calling you the Mission Impossible Force.

Use your wisdom and your compassion to make this seemingly impossible imperative a living breathing force. Take your rightful place as storytellers and guides to future generations.

Tell all who will listen: The beginning of change has come.