Intra Spirit Yoga

Healing your damaged faith in love.

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Connect Your Feeling Soul to Your Higher Self

The Way of Love is the Way of Virtue

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Deep Introspection to Change Your Life

Learn the Power to Forgive Yourself and Others From Your Heart

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Intra Spirit Fellowship 214-227-9452

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Intra Spirit is a fellowship of progressive minded introspective people who seek to unite in love and embrace all humanity with understanding, caring, and creative courage.

The Intra Spirit fellowship is a fellowship of elders and the young who practice methods that help progress.  This is a fellowship not founded on beliefs.  It is built on methods to open ourselves to the wondrous pure child within us and to embrace this child. It is a fellowship based on the power of extended family.

We are a part of the beauty of life and we seek for all to see this in themselves.  We are dedicated to working together and to building a better world.

We promote progress by healing the helplessness of heart that damages the power to love and be loved.

Conquering the helplessness of our heart due to past damaged faith must begin with love.  Love can embrace our anxieties and allow us the power to relive our memories of damaged faith.  This is only possible in the sensed light of compassionate consciousness.

Deep introspective communication opens our hearts to the freedom to cry out for liberty.  Such a cry is liberating.  The cries of our inner child can meet the great love that lives within us: our higher reflective self.

These forms of introspection create not just an ability to love more, but to have more virtuous sensitive behaviors toward others and toward oneself.

We invite those who are older to fulfill their destiny: to heal the world with love and wisdom.

Elders, arise, use your wisdom and experience and time to introspect and guide our world toward a better more healthy and more virtuous and peaceful state.

You are cordially invited to begin a progressive journey, a journey into your deepest spirit to find the joy and the optimism that can be your light in the world.

Don’t look around for someone to be a hero of love, look within…

David “Mitch” Sotelo